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Hunts end…

The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt has completed, thank you to all our vendors for their lovely gifts, the hunters are most happy with their finds along the way.  Thank you to the hunters also for being a good bunch of people and fun in group chat.

Also a big thank you to Candee for standing watch over the hunt when I was not around and finally to Walter thank you for encouraging me to take control again, for supporting me and for being my back bone. 


Quotes and comments…..

His pip: this was an awesome hunt

His pip: lol i am so going to do more hunts…thanks to everyone who set up the Kinky hunt 😀 and the vendors as well…. i cannot wait to see what all i got lol omg for my first hunt, i’m VERY glad that this was the one i did

Chesye: Through lag untold and stores unnumbered, I have hunted my way here to the finishing point beyond the Kinky Easter Egg Hunt to find all the gifts that had been hidden! For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great…. oh, I can never remember that line….

Chesye: I did! Outside of the bit or two with working around missing stores it was one of the more complete/better run ones I’ve done. 🙂 Certainly more enjoyable than my one turn at the Twisted Hunt. 😉

KamuiLight Resident: (Saved Thu Apr 14 19:54:12 2011) Just wanted to say, this was fun.

Honey: woo hoo finished….that was a most awesome hunt!!  and thanks to all the vendors who participated…..I found some new favorite stores…woot woot

The hunt begins….store list, hints & updates

The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt – Vendorlist, hints & updates

We have a few stores out of the hunt, i have placed the slurl’s to the next store beside the store that is out of the hunt.

A reminder to hunters that you need the hunt badge to do this hunt, you get the badge when you find the first gift at the 1st location BFE main store , if you find a egg and touch it and are not wearing the badge it will tell you and you will receive a folder with the LM back to the hunt start location. Also remember do not IM the owner of stores with hunt problems if you do please ask questions in group chat or send a notecard to myself (Funninonebabe McBride) or any of the group moderators.  Happy Hunting!!!


1 BFE Main Store *** HINT: The egg is SAFE inside… ***

2 The Toy Shop ***HINT: Beware the magic mushrooms***

3 KaS Designs ***Hint: My sister egg like to relax under plants…

4 {Serendipity}problems with the egg only gives LM ***Hint: You came in now go back out up and around. Be sure to turn the light off when you go!***

5 Styles by Danielle *** HINT: You want scrambled or hardboiled egg? ***

6 out of hunt (bypass to 7)

7 Moon Song *** HINT: The egg must have rolled under that couch ***

8 SteamBound *** HINT: My One-Eyed Friend Will Stroke You With Its Fronds! ***

9 Prim Fusion ***Hint: Everyone loves a Erotic Fantasy***

10 Black Cat Bones *** HINT: Kneel Before Your SPACE LORD and Beg For Your Prize ***

11 Michigan breedables ***HINT: hidden in a bundel of joy!!***

12 X-Clusives Animations ***HINT:   After a hard day of hiding those eggs, the Kinky Easter Bunny needs a tantalizing touch.  Take a look, maybe he dropped an egg full of goodies under the MASSAGE TABLE.***

13 Designs by Shalenda *** HINT: Shake what your ‘mama’ gave you! ***

14 ⋒ The ℰnd of the ℛainbow ⋒ *** HINT: Crack that Egg ***

15 [Electric] *** HINT: I will sit here and watch people go up and down ***

16 Roawenwood *** HINT: There’s always a ‘root’ to every problem ***

17 Inspired – ***HINT: Do you think it’s funny when a bunny hops upstairs? Hop along.***

18 Absolute Mad Bratz *** HINT: Let me fill your brain with knowledge ***

19 Top Katz *** HINT:  This egg is starting to feel like a basket case ***

20 Grumble ***HINT: Give it a good slap***

21 SR LEatherwerkx (right click buy is not working) *** HINT: A tisket, a tasket A pretty wicker b_ _ _ _t! ***

22 Xtreme Restrained life Toy’s ***Hint: Look high when standing low***

23 Flowerdreams Creations *** HINT: I LOVE the SMELL of  ROSES ***

24 Red Devil Inc *** HINT: HERE IS THE HINT: This Easter Egg likes Vanlentine’s Day ***

25 GUHL ArchitectureDesign ***HINT: Have a look on the floor ….. it’s inside the store area***

26 **Asteria Creations** *** HINT: Please see the bruised girl.  ***

27 ]H[Nishi *** HINT: Hint: Join the group in the dungeon! ***

28 GC> ХОРОШИЙ ОДЕЖДА (good clothing) *** HINT: How did this egg get into a crash landing? ***

29 Night Wish Toys *** HINT: A Statue, such a lovely thing ***

30 Sparklie Silks *** HINT: Chocolate Easter Egg ! Bliss…  ***

31 Dark Desires Custom Tattoos *** HINT: Dont boil me! ***

32 The Elegant Goth *** HINT: Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze could find it, why can’t you? ***

33 PA DESIGNE *** HINT: I want to take a swim *** (next store 34 out of hunt proceed to)

34 Cortes’n’Rossini OUT OF HUNT (no gift) PROCEED TO

35 ;;; CERO STYLE ;;; *** HINT: i fell in the water ***

36 OUT OF HUNT bypass to #38
37 OUT OF HUNT bypass to #38

38 Satiated Desires *** HINT: Silky this gift isn’t 😉 ***

39 JK Studio ***HINT She is Sexy and Bright****

40 FALLEN BDSM Club *** HINT: I’m late, I’m late!! For a Very important date!! ***

41 Bella’s *** HINT: HINT -Come on in and sit down for a drink ***

42 ::Minx Designs:: MOVED LOCATION *** HINT: Well it certainly doesnt smell like roses…. ***

43 Cheeky Baby Designs *** HINT: You’ll Find The Egg If You Just Think, In This Hunt We’re Featuring Our Latest Kink ***

44 LOVE TATTOOS + Sandwritings ***NO HINT EGG***

45 PixMe Studio Designs *** HINT: Left corner ***

46 AdelleArts Manor Fashions *** HINT: An Egg for Pleasure! ***

47 PiNkMaReS HoUsE *** HINT: Tis where grannymare stores all the old dusty things XD ***

48 Tequilla Rain *** HINT: Seek the Brown Fairy  ***

49 OUT OF HUNT bypass to #50

50 emPathy (GIVES WRONG LM TAKE SLURL TO NEXT) *** HINT: By the light of a slivery moon ***

51 Candee Shoppe ***Hint: Whats in a name?***

52 out of hunt (bypass to 53)

53 CJ DESIGN *** HINT: Only a Tip makes you happy ***

54 2 Pipper’s Place ***HINT: This Egg Was Sent To Be With It’s Own Kind…***

55 Alexohol ***Hint: The Egg is hiding amongst other balls***

56 Kennedy’s ***Hint: Look in the NEW***

57 New York’s Finest Apparel *** HINT: This Kinky Easter Egg has been “Misbehaving” ***

58 JE Club Equipment *** HINT: What time is it? ***

59 out of hunt (bypass to 61)
60 out of hunt (bypass to 61)

61 Holly’s Fashions *** HINT: Travel to work on an egg at the station ***

62 Dust Bunnies *** HINT:  Bunny hops, bunny hops… Under the cap is where he stops… ***

63 ~Lantian~ ***HINT:”A SEXY gift? Go UPSTAIRS!  You’ll be in the DOG HOUSE if you can’t find this one!”***

64 HerBerry *** HINT: Maybe you will find it in Dresses ***

65 Men and Women Fashion ***NO HINT EGG***

66 Shameless Bits *** HINT: Top Floor – to find me you better grab the shovel and get to work! ***

67 Gaea Designs *** HINT: this kinky easter egg is as gentle as a BUTTERFLY ***

68 Evil Kitten *** HINT: Maybe this egg will reset something? ***

69 Essendy Estates ***HINT: Don’t be blue if you can’t find it! It’s closer than you think 🙂***

70 The Gilded Cage *** HINT: If Only He Knew!! ***

71 Sirius Solo animated textures (2 gifts) ***Hint: Slap me before midnight and you will be “lucky”*** Hint: Down, down, where the grass is green and the sea is pink :-)***

72 LoveBird’s Paradise ***HINT:  The Lion is Hiding your egg…Hurry before he eats it :)***

73out of hunt (bypass to 74)

74 Icki Ink ***Hint: Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.***

75 Silk Dreams Fashions *** HINT: Be careful where you sit. We don’t want this egg to hatch, we want it to rez. ***

76 Monochrome *** HINT: Arent shoes so much fun? ***

77 out of hunt bypass to 78

78 PURPLE POSES *** HINT: There is a beautiful couple, they are in a garden. It is necessary to look up. ***

79 Rita Munro – Touch it! *** HINT: search the animal! ***

80 Bound & Bitten ***HINT:Check out the sex equipment room***

81 Jules Creations *** HINT: In a little pink egg has a special gift for you  ***

FABULOUS new sign for the Easter Hunt!!

We have decided to change the Hunt Sign for the Easter Hunt.  The previous Hunt Sign had an SL image which is not permitted in advertising and to err on the side of caution, we felt it was best for us to remove the image and redo the sign.  We will have the new signs out to you all shortly.  We would also like to thank Ludell Bolissima for her absolutely fabulous design of the new hunt sign, it’s AWESOME!!  Thank you Lulu!!!

A brief note to all of our wonderful vendors and hunters…

“To all the vendors and hunters:  The management of this group is quite aware of the immature and inflammatory statements being made by a prior group staff  member about the current members of Hunt Addiction.  We have chosen not jeapordize the group by sinking to that individuals level, and as we have from the beginning, we won’t go into personal and/or private details regarding this situation, we prefer to just move forward.  It would just be detrimental to the vendors and the hunters to involve ourselves in this petty drama.  As you all know, the goal of Hunt Addiction is for all of the vendors to have a nice vehicle to display your products and stores as well as provide a nice gift for SL shoppers, and also for all the hunters to have fun and pick up some wonderful gifts courtesy of our talented vendors, that is our goal, and that’s what we intend to do.  Once again, we apologize for any turmoil and/or drama any of you have had to endure, and thank you all again for your patience and support.”


The Hunt Addiction Team

The Kinky Easter Egg Hunt Vendor Gift preview pics

# 2 The Toy Shop

Egg Subbie Globe
MLP menu with 5 poses

The Toy Shop

#3 KaS Designs

Get ready for spring with 3 Cloth Layer corset’s in spring colors by KaS!!

#46 PiNkMaReS

TressAnn Decosta from PiNkMaReS House is giving you this obedient Bunny with many extras!

#67 Gaea Designs

From Anais Gaea: tattoo two bunnies. Who woulda thunk bunnies were so sexy?

#26 “Asteria Creations”

From Kathrine Asteria: Pants..Chest Band..Corset..Necklace (2 Styles)

#28 (good clothing)

#29 Night Wish Toys

From Talia Davidov: NWT Anti-Grav Easter Hunt Edition, a fully functional copy of my Anti-Grav cage with an Easter twist.

#81 ~~Jules Creations

From Cristin Jules: Lara Swimsuit

#65 Men and Women fashion

From MWfashion: Spring basket with a twist 🙂

#23 Flowerdreams Creations

From Nile Karas: full lingerie set for women, word print grey shirt for men.

#64 HerBerry

From HerBerry Resident: New Pinki mini dress! Outfit comes with dress, sheer scarf, prim sleeves, prim skirt insert, bunny ears, bunny tail and easter egg basket.

#45 PixMe Studio Designs

From SABY Sweetwater: Shirt and jeans

#30 Sparklie Silks

#56 Kennedy’s

#20 Grumble

#71 Sirius Solo animated textures

#43 Cheeky Baby Designs

# 74 Icki Ink

# 14 ⋒ The ℰnd of the ℛainbow ⋒

Welcome to the blog page of Hunt Addiction home of the BDSM/Fetish Grid Hunt

Welcome to the new Hunt Addiction blog page.

Here you find information on the upcoming and current Hunt Addiction hunts.

Our last two hunts BDSM/Fetish Find Hunt which ran in September 2010 & January 2011 were great successes.  When I set out to organize the first hunt I was afraid I wouldn’t get 20 stores to participate but to my surprise we had over 70 stores in the hunt and then during the first hunt my Hunt Addiction group swelled to over 1000 members.  I am BDSM person and a shop owner and noticed the lack of BDSM/Fetish themed hunts so I thought why not, so I set out to create a hunt.  So glad I did now as people loved it.  So I decided to do another one in January 2011 again was very popular with the group swelling to over 1700 members.

A few thank you’s…thanks to Ludell Bolissima for the great posters she has made for the hunts so far plus she is working on a new hunt addiction logo for us and a big shout out to Chorazin Allen for providing the scripts we use in the hunt for the group join & hunt badges.  These people help to make the hunts go smoothly.  Also a big thank you to Walter Balazic who always has my back and best interests at all times without him I would have given up long ago on the hunt he was there from day one a man I didn’t even know who jumped on board to help me out.

Hunt Addiction group owners are Funninonebabe (Toy) McBride & Walter Balazic if you have any queries please send notecard only to either of these people.